Have You heard of the 11-Year-Old Nigerian Wonder Artist? Even Macron Wanted to Meet Kareem Waris!

Kareem Waris Olamilekan is his name. The 11-year-old Nigerian artist has been getting worldwide attention for his outstanding talent: drawing.

The young artist, also known as WASPA, creates very detailed portraits of humans using a pencil, and occasionally paint or ballpoint pen. Kareem’s artworks are categorized as hyperrealism. This genre of art produces hand-drawn images resembling high-resolution photos. And his portraits do really look like high-resolution pictures.

The French President Macron also acknowledged the talent of the young artist. During his visit to Fela Kuti’s New Shrine in Lagos, Nigeria, he met Kareem for the first time. The boy had made a portrait of the President in only two hours. The President then congratulated the artist on twitter.

His popularity has grown immensely the past couple of months. On his Instagram profile he has reached over 90k followers. 

Kareem talked to The Guardian about the goals he wants to achieve. He does not only wants to get his artworks displayed at international and national museums, but also wants his artworks  to be appreciated like the, just like the Mona Lisa. Taking a look at his portraits makes it clear that achieving his goals is more than possible!