Hassan Hajjaj Is Called the Andy Warhol of Marrakech and You Will Love His Artworks

In the article series, Inspiring Muslim Artist, you will be introduced to artists that are a source of inspiration for me. I’m hoping that they will provoke your senses and perhaps make you appreciate art.

Meet the artist

Meet Hassan Hajjaj, a 54-year-old Moroccan contemporary artist who describes his art as “art for the people”. His passion to make art started rather late in his life. It wasn’t a part of his plan, as he was just randomly taking pictures for himself. It was Rose Issa, a successful curator, who discovered his work and helped him introducing his art to the audience and made him an international star.


For Hassan, his biggest inspiration is his mother. As a Muslim artist he hopes that his religion will always play an important role in his work.


Hassan Hajjaj is better known as “The Andy Warhol of Marrakech”. After seeing some of his artworks you’ll understand why.


Kesh angels,2010
Kesh angels,2010
Feet Ball, 2006
Feet Ball, 2006

His work “Ilham” was the first artwork he sold. He found it strange that people actually liked his art and wanted to give it a place in their home. As for Hassan himself, if he could get any artwork in the world and hang it in his house, it would be one from the artist Malick Sidibe.

The thing Hassan Hajjaj likes most about making a new piece of artwork is the challenge. Making art that will be fancied by people. He has achieved more than he could ever wish for. “If I’m still making art five years from now that would be amazing,” he said. But for now, hard work, good food, great friends, being healthy and nice music is the mantra Hassan Hajjaj lives by.

Written by Hafsa Elazzaoui

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