Halal Tinder: Could it be the future of halal dating?

Could it be that the future of ‘halal dating’ lies in the hands of this application? Muzmatch is an app created by Shahzad Younes after he found out his friends were having a hard time finding their significant other for marriage. He created an app really similar to the famous dating platform Tinder, but added some extra features to fit the preferences of Muslims.


Preferences such as whether you’re looking for someone who is very practising, whether you’re looking for a bearded man or a woman who wears the veil, and many more specifications. There’s even an option that allows people to include a friend or relative to act as a wali, whose task it is to act as a guardian of the two people.


But even though Shahzad Younes specified that Muzmatch is not a hook-up app, some people criticized him for creating something that isn’t acceptable within the Islamic rules on marriage.

What are your thoughts on this halal dating application? Would you recommend it to your friends?

Written by Mvslim

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