Halal speed dating is now a thing!

In Malaysia it is now possible to find true love through speed dating.
Malaysia is a largely moderate Muslim country, and it is possible to speed date in a halal way.


You may ask yourself how speed dating could be halal? The answer is easy: women speed daters are chaperoned by a wali, or guardian until she gets married and who grants her the permission to do so.

Mohamad Fauzan, one of the participants tells that halal speed dating provides another option in his quest to find true love.


“I’ve done online dating and gone on blind dates, but in our religion, going halal is the better thing to do. It’s better to first get the parent’s permission, but I’m open to all options,” he said.

“I’m focusing on finding someone who can willingly accept me for who I am.” Says Nurnadille, one of the participants.

What do you think about speed dating? Would you ever consider going to such event?

Written by Assia Loutfi

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