Halal Food, Mosques and Wonderful Architecture: Japan Is the Place to Be for Muslim Travellers

Japan, an archipelago situated in north East Asia, is a fascinating and beautiful country visited by tourists from around the world. A country with rich traditions, beautiful landscapes, interesting history and culture, wonderful architecture, Japan is a great holiday destination. Tourists will find it difficult to choose from the countless popular tourist destinations in Japan as each region will offer its visitor a unique experience.

Whenever or where ever you visit in Japan, visitors will be sure to enjoy a trip filled with wonders that are unique to each season and its different regions. It has become a popular destination among Muslim travelers too, in recent times and they may be surprised to find Muslim-friendly facilities in Japan. Home to a large number of Muslims, including Japanese Muslims, there is known to be over 60 mosques and prayer areas in Japan. Halal restaurants in Japan are also available for Muslims visiting the country.


Tokyo, the capital of Japan and the world’s most populous metropolis is a popular destination among tourists including Muslim travelers. The city with two faces; that of the old edo and the modern city, offers its visitors a multitude of things to do and places to see like; museums, historical attractions, beautiful Japanese gardens, parks and zoo’s, unlimited choices of shopping, nature reserves, and theme parks and much more. Tokyo has something for every visitor. Muslims visiting with the family will find loads of fun activities and places to visit. Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo DisneySea, Edo-Tokyo Museum, Ueno Park, Tokyo Skytree, Imperial East Gardens, Hama Rikyu, Imperial Palace are just a few of the cities popular attractions that are a definite must-visit. Finding Muslim friendly-facilities in Tokyo will not be a problem as it is home to several mosques and prayer areas as well as numerous Halal restaurants. Tokyo Camii, located in central Tokyo is one of the most well known mosques among travelers and is one of the largest in Japan. Muslim visitors will be able to find Halal restaurants serving a diverse array of cuisines such as Malaysian, Pakistani, Indian, Moroccan, Turkish, Thai and much more.


Kyoto, the most popular Japanese destination has adequate Muslim-friendly facilities to accommodate the growing number of Muslims visiting the city. It is the best place to experience the traditional culture and customs of the past and also see many World Heritage Sites. Muslim visitors will be able to find a number of restaurants serving Halal food, and they can visit the Kyoto Masjid for prayers when necessary.


Kobe, a cosmopolitan port city is famously known for its hot spring resorts. Muslim travelers visiting this city will find it Muslim-friendly as it is not only home to the oldest existing mosque in Japan; known as Kobe Muslim Mosque, where Muslim visitors as well as the city’s residents can pray, but it is also home to a number of Halal restaurants. The mosque is situated in the city’s best known tourist area and Muslim visitors will be able to find Halal food around this area as well.


Osaka, another Muslim-friendly destination in Japan, known for its great shopping malls, large amusement parks and Osaka Castle is home two mosques namely; Osaka Masjid and Osaka Ibaraki Masjid. Muslim visitors will be able to offer their prayers at one of these mosques. They will also be able to locate several restaurants serving a variety of Halal cuisines such as Indian, Pakistani, Turkish and more.


Chiba, famous for its urban monorail; which is the longest suspended monorail in the world, is another Muslim-friendly city in Japan. Home to the first artificial beach in the country Chiba is a destination worth visiting with the family when in Japan. Muslim travelers will find prayer facilities in the city as it is home to a couple of masjids and some of its shopping malls have prayers rooms as well.

Nagoya and Hakuba are two other regions known to have Muslim-friendly facilities and are now being promoted among Muslim travelers. Japan is the perfect destination for those looking to relax as well as for those seeking adventure. With all the Muslim-friendly facilities that can be found in the country, it is definitely a must-visit!

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