Groomed Beards and Tailored Suits: These Fashionable Men are Changing Our Perception of Iraq

The past few years have been a great achievement for the breakdown of stereotypes for Muslim women around the world, the inclusivity of models like Halima Aden and Amena Khan or the promotion of hijab clothes from international brands are powerful examples. However, the female group is not the only one who suffer from discrimination because of how they look.

Muslim and Arab men have also been target of the same prejudices, the verbal insults like head-towels or the image portrayed at movies or series as terrorists, oppressive or extremists. Thankfully this is changing for them too. On this road, the initiative of Mr. Erbil is achieving it successfully.

Who is Mr. Erbil?

This exclusive fashion gentlemen’s club, was founded by a group of young friends from the city of Erbil, the Kurdish capital from the Iraqi region, hence their name. By first sight you could appreciate well-dressed men with a very take care beard. However, the brand goes beyond modelling and excellent taste.

Source: Facebook page Mr.Erbil

It is necessary to remark that all their clothes are handmade by local tailors, in their efforts to boost the local economy, demonstrating that the fashion industry is possible everywhere. Secondly, the care of materials used for the garments is very high and part of their work ethic, reassuring the animals are not harm in the process.

Also these gent’s are changing their city by modelling on the streets of Erbil, from markets, parks, caffés, old and modern streets, proving that despite the violence and insecurity climate caused by the presence of groups like Daesh, there is still room for hope and change.

Source: Facebook page Mr.Erbil

Their classic yet hipster style brings a fresh and vital image of a new generation that is exploiting, in an assertive way, social media to expand not only their brand but their ideals. Trough very active accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, this Club shows their commitment beyond fashion and men modelling.

Source: Instagram @Mr.Erbil

Women’s empowerment

As if all above mention is not enough, one of the most important responsibilities for Mr. Erbil club is women’s empowerment. Every Thursday is #GirlsInspiration, where they post a photo and story of a woman, no matter the age or occupation, and share their talents and success. Through their posts, they are increasing social awareness about inclusion and ending violence against women which is a constant problematic in many countries, here is an example of their contributions:

Never tolerate violence against women Calligraphy by talented @medea.rasheed she was one of our Thursday Women's Inspiration ladies. We appriciate her collaboration in this project. Edit by @omer.production From November 25th until December 10th is known as "16 days Orange the World" which is promoted by United Nations to rise awareness about women’s right and "Stop VIOLENCE against women". Please help to spread this video in the world, you can be a reason and part of changing women's LIFE, unite with us, You can be the one who can make huge differences in the world and make a world better place to LIVE. نا بۆ توندووتیژی دژی ئافرەت کۆرۆگرافی لە لایەن خاتوو @medea.rasheed کەیەکێک بوو لەو خاتونانەی لە سێریسی پێنج شەمان ئاشنا کرابوو. سوپاس و گوزارشت بۆ ماندوبوونی بەڕێزیان لەگەڵ مستەر ئەربیل. هەموو ساڵێک لە ۲٥ ی نۆڤێمبەر (مانگی ۱۱) تاکو ۱٠ ی دیسێمبەر (مانگی ۱۲) کە ناسراوە بە ۱٦ ڕۆژەی پڕتەقاڵی کردنی دونیا لەلایەن نەتەوە یەکگرتووەکانی دونیا بەمەبەستی نیشاندان و هۆشیاکردنەوەی زیاتری دونیا لەگرینگیدان بەمافی ئافرەت و نەهێشتنی ئازار و تاوان بەرامبەر ئافرەت. تکایە ئێوەش بەژداربن لە هۆشیار کردنی زیارتری کۆمەڵگا لە نەهێشتنی دیاردەی توندو تیژی. #StopTheViolence #TeamMrErbil #MrErbil #Rishn #BEmrerbil #WearSomethingOrange #OrangeTheWorld #16Days #FemaleVoiceOfTheWorld #stopviolenceagainstwomen #kurdishwomen #Sayno_unite #Erbil #LoveWins #womenempowerment #womenday #Gentleman #Gentlemen #womenrights #Womens #empowermen #Kurdistan #unitednations #UNwomen #humanrights #GentlemensChoice #Women #Violence #awareness

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At the moment, the orders for clothes such as ties are only available in their region but world shipment has been announced very soon. Hopefully the perspective of men in the Middle East region also starts to change worldwide. Mr. Erbil is already doing a fantastic job highlighting that: A true gentleman does not only dress nicely but stand up for equality and is an agent for positive change wherever he lives.

Source: Facebook page Mr.Erbil


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