Google knows what Muslims want: Ramadan in the Digital Age

Ramadan is a month of spiritual self-reflection and sharing with the people you love. Google understands this: While surfing on the internet, I accidently came across Google Ramadan.

Google Ramadan or “My Ramadan Companion” is a digital hub that integrates Google’s best technologies like YouTube, Play, Maps and Search to help Muslims celebrate the holy month. Google’s goals with this hub is to bring in the aspect of social sharing & connecting during Ramadan to people by offering Ramadan-specific features such as highlighted YouTube videos, live cooking hangouts with Celebrity Chefs from around the world and so on.

The Ramadan hub isn’t actually a new tool. This hub was launched in 2013. During the month of Ramadan different services were available. For example there was a live stream from Mecca and cooking hangouts tutorials. How cool is that?!

To make Ramadan a more social event, Google launched the hashtag #ShareRamadan. With this users will also be able to see how people around the world are celebrating Ramadan by using the tool. What I love the most about this hub is the countdown until sunset (magreb) and the beautiful videos.

Zain Kamal Masri, product marketing manager at Google Mena, said: “We know how important it is for people who celebrate Ramadan to spend time with their loved ones. We hope that ‘My Ramadan Companion’ can take care of the little things that occupy people’s daily lives like managing their day, so that they focus on the things that really matter to them.”

Google has taken one of the spiritual celebrations into the digital age.

Written by Assia Loutfi

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Assia is a 21-year- old digital media student. She has a big passion for the Japanese culture and loves tea. In her spare time she likes to read books and watch television series.