Gisele Marie: a Heavy Metal gituarist who wears a Niqab

Spectrus is a Heavy Metal band based in Brazil. Even though the world doesn’t know a lot about the band itself, it does know some things about the former gituarist. Gisele Marie, 42 years old, is a Niqab-wearing Muslim who plays the guitar in a Metal band.

Gisele Marie 4

She was born into a Christian family, but converted to Islam after her father died in 2009. She has played in her brother’s band for a few years, but decided to make her own band due to professional differences. Gisele has her own band now, but won’t release the name until her first album will come out later this year.

Gisele Marie 2

As a Muslim woman in the music industry, Marie received a lot of criticism. Some think it’s cool to see a covered Muslim woman playing guitar in a band, others think the opposite. Muslim women get a lot of criticism, no matter what they do. Women do different kind of things. Whether they’re covered or not. They’re al individuals with dreams and ambitions. Gisele is one of them.

Gisele Marie 3

Luckily, she’s an ambitious person who is dedicated to her passion for music. Marie told MailOnline: ‘Music is my focus and the fact that I’m Muslim has no influence on the music.’ She also gets a lot of support from her family. Even though Gisele converted to Islam and started wearing a niqab, they still love her as their own.

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