Ghufran Qureshi – a Women With a Passion for Charity: Bringing smiles on the Faces of Children

There are three kinds of people that I usually encounter in my day to day life. Those who find everything wrong with this world, those who do not care about what is right or wrong in this world and those who are doing their best to make this world a better place. One such person from the last category is Mrs. Ghufran Qureshi. She is a British Muslim living in Pakistan and running an orphanage for the past 20 years.

Mrs. Ghufran Qureshi had a love marriage with a Muslim Pakistani in 1975, around the same time she also embraced Islam. She studied about Islam in depth after her marriage after which she focus on living a pious life. During this same time she was working in an orphanage in Britain and she had to resign from this job in order to protest against non-provision of Halal food to Muslim orphans in the orphanage.

In 1992, Mrs. Qureshi moved to Pakistan and announced that she will be initiating a project for orphans in which she would to like to provide proper Islamic education to orphan boys and girls. Since then she has never looked back. Her family of orphan children keeps increasing from time to time. The name of the orphanage is Sirat-ul-Jannah. Children in this orphanage are provided proper accommodation, educated at reputable schools and as they grow up they are also wedded by the kind lady.

I had the opportunity to visit Sirat-ul-Jannah a few months ago and I was awestruck by the energy of the children living there. They were all so happy and sharp. Looking around their rooms, there were proper bunk beds and a clean, hygienic environment. The children were freely moving around the house proving that they are being provided a loving and caring environment so they would feel at home. Along with being sent to school, the children are given separate Quran classes which yet again is a job wonderfully done. On weekends they are taken to visit different entertainment spots just like what any other parents would do for their child.

I’d have to say that with all that Mrs. Qureshi is doing, she deserves a big round of applause. Her loyalty towards her project is astonishing and I think that instead of complaining if we all try to make this world a better place we will be able to eradicate misery once and for all, by Allah’s Will.

This article is written by Aisha Idris.

Written by Mvslim

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