From Rihanna to Airbnb: 14 Celebrities and Companies That Are Protesting the #MuslimBan

A century ago, fascist regimes colored our history dark. Large groups of people were stigmatized, persecuted and eventually: killed. As students, we learned about the process of mass genocide and how to prevent it. That is, by not giving our vote to people who are calling for hate against certain groups of people, and very importantly, to not keep quiet when the persecution has begun. We have to stand up against it, even if the policies aren’t affecting us directly. We still need to raise our voice. These 14 celebrities, influencers, CEO’s and companies have done that. 

  1. Twitter

This is my favorite tweet. Donald Trump, just like any other populist politician, uses social media to reach as many people as he can with just one message. His favorite medium is Twitter: He was an active user during his campaign, sending out disturbing messages in only 140 characters. Luckily, his favorite tool has also called him out. Thanks, Twitter.

2. Reed Hashtings, co-founder and CEO of Netflix

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 3. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook says ‘it is not a policy we support’

In a message to employees, Apple CEO Tim Cook noted that he was concerned about Donald Trump’s executive orders limiting immigration from seven countries, and that “it is not a policy we support.” In the memo, he also noted that the company had reached out to the White House to protest the orders.

4. Microsoft

On LinkedIn, CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella shared an email that was sent to all Microsoft employees. He highlighted this piece:

“As a company, Microsoft believes in a strong and balanced high-skilled immigration system. We also believe in broader immigration opportunities, like the protections for talented and law-abiding young people under the Deferred Access for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Program, often called “Dreamers”. We believe that immigration laws can and should protect the public without sacrificing people’s freedom of expression or religion. And we believe in the importance of protecting legitimate and law-abiding refugees whose very lives may be at stake in immigration proceedings.”

5. Rihanna (and she’s clearly angry)

It’s very important for famous celebrities to share messages like these, being the role model of a lot of people.

6. Brian Chesky, CEO and co-founder of Airbnb

7. Jason Fried, founder and CEO of Basecamp 

Spreading the word while actually contributing as well, is the perfect combination of solidarity with the victims.

8. Kim Kardashian 


9. Miley Cyrus

Famous singer and actress Miley Cyrus makes it loud and clear: Stand with immigrants!

10. J.K. Rowling

11. Mark Duplass

12. Kerry Washington

13. Adam McKay

14. Kumail Nanjani

The Muslim ban is frightening, yet it can not make us speechless. Not now. Not ever. The Germans where silent when fellow citizen were hated on, carried away and killed. We can never be silent to a regime that is persecuting innocent people.

Written by Mayada Srouji

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Mayada Srouji is a 23-year-old student Gender and Diversity at the UGent and has a bachelor in Arabic and Islamic Sciences, with a minor in political and social sciences. She is interested in women rights, philosophy, literature and history.