For All The Fashion Lovers Out There: You Really Don’t Want to Miss Out on Mvslim’s Modest Fashion Forum

Mvslim, in partnership with MoMu, will hold the inaugural launch of the very first Modest Fashion Forum, with 7 speakers providing insights into the modest fashion industry within the European context.

This Is Why You Shouldn’t Miss Out

But wait, what actually is modest fashion!? Modest fashion is a term that is as confusing as the number of trends that is constantly emerging in the fashion industry. To put it simply, it involves varying degrees of covering up parts of the body on purpose. The desire to do so ranges from cultural reasons (predominantly with Jews, Christians and Muslims) or to attain a certain aesthetic look.

Modest fashion has taken the fashion industry by storm – a niche worth $44 billion, with covered-up chic becoming the new thing. Combined with the huge demand, there are emerging modest fashion designers and international retailers who are feeding this appetite for modest clothing.

Styling: Farah El Bastani, Photo: Sophie Rata

This forum aims to uncover the veil behind this niche industry, leaving the audience with an understanding of the evolution of modest fashion, who catalyzed the movement, and what the future looks like.

 This Is How You Can Be a Part of This Event

The event takes place on 23rd November 2018 at Arenberg. It’s a one-day conference from 09.30 to 17.00, including lunch – so bring your hunger with yourself!

The forum will be filled with experts sharing their insights and an opportunity to network with industry leaders that are otherwise hard-to-reach, which we will announce in the next few days.

If you’re into fashion, inclusiveness and diversity, you will definitely love this event. You can buy your tickets here.

Written by Mvslim

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