Fighting Xenophobia: These People Are Welcoming Refugees Into Their Homes

Because of the overwhelmingly bad things that happen towards Muslims, we often forget that not all people in the West hate Muslims. Things that we hear are a product of political xenophobic rhetoric, hate crimes, racism, etc. Sometimes we forget that there are still nice people in this world even though there are so many bad.

Though many people hate the idea of having Muslim or Syrian refugees in their country, there are many people opening up their hearts and homes to Refugees. It made me happy to read the article from CNN called, The people sharing their homes with refugees written by Nadine Alfa with the photographs By Aubrey Wade.

Refugees are coming from all over the world to the west to avoid being killed, and having a normal life for their family. You can see a refugee family below; Ahmed and Nourhan with their daughter Alin.

At first things were awkward for the Buisset’s and refugee family, due to cultural differences but now they all really like each other.

As soon as Ahmed and Nourhan heard peace talks were happening in Syria last November, they started packing to go home. However, they never ended up going home because the peace talks were not successful. Often times refugees want to go back to their countries but they cannot because they have no home to go to or it is still not safe enough.

Even people that one would least expect are inviting Muslim Refugees into their homes. The Jellinek family is Jewish nevertheless they opened up their home to Muslim Syrian Refugee, Kinan.

Chaim Jellinek mentions that he is also a minority to the society of Berlin. Chaim understands that times are changing and there are a lot of refugees. He believes the only way for integration to work is for everyone to work together. Not only do the refugees have to accept different cultures, religion, etc., so do the citizens of these westerns countries who are bringing them in.

Written by Kaya Gravitter

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Kaya is 23-year old, reverted to Islam and from the United States. She is currently working on video blogging, writing poetry, and freelance writing. Kaya has a Bachelors Degree in Political Science and International Studies. She has a passion to make a change in the world, even if it is small.