Fashion mistakes no man should ever make

Important note before reading: this guide is meant to benefit from and is a user manual for every gentleman!

First of all: know the difference between loose and baggy. Earlier in the music industry, mostly rappers wore baggy clothes, which is messy and lacks focus. Looser fits are more comfortable. To avoid baggy, long and wide jeans, tailoring is an option. You can upgrade your jeans for a small amount of money. Next, wear some fresh sneakers, ‘cause they will really enhance your outfit.

Secondly, do not forget accessories such as hats, scarves, watches, bracelets, belts, pocket squares, etc. They do make a statement! Don’t be afraid to wear layers, but know your limits. Adding up a blazer/vest changes a whole look. Next, combining your shirt with a pocket square will make you look creative and outside the box: things that come along with being trendy!


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If you want a professional look but you want to avoid looking too formal, go business-dressed. This is always a win if you are unsure about a new job environment. With this look, you definitely have to get rid of denim and sneakers. Sneakers draw the wrong kind of attention of the people you’re in a conversation with, e.g. on a job interview. Wear loafers or dressed shoes instead.

Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later. Dare to fail!

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Men’s fashion shouldn’t always be grey and boring. It is meant to be cozy, good looking and ambitiously. You can combine suit pieces or blazers with denim. You could also choose between sneakers, loafers & slippers. Match shirts with pocket squares, make creative mixes with your other accessories that will match your outfit. Whether it’s a meeting or a lunch, it’s always better to arrive somewhere overdressed, rather than underdressed. The first impression is the most important one!

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The common view of a gentleman is to look formal. Black suits and tuxedos are the most common, but do know there is a difference! Before you join a formal opening/reception of a company or a gala event, tailor your suits! Get it done so that it fits perfectly with your height and shape. A solid color suit isn’t always a must, it’s rather traditional. Try to get the right colors but keep them dark and use small white layers. For many men, suits seem to offer little variety compared to women’s formal clothing. They have a large panel of dressing clothes. But that doesn’t mean we urge to do less. However, much of the styling for us is in the details and accessories! By the way, leave out your white socks. They’re not a part of being formal.


Written by Sachin Adhikari

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Sachin Adhikari is 20 years old and studies SME Management. He has an interest in fashion and entrepreneurship.