Everyone Should Watch this Video: Hijab as a Feminist Statement

In a video of The Guardian, Hanna Yusuf tells the world that hijab has nothing to do with oppression. It’s a feminist statement.


“In a world where a woman’s value is often reduced to her sexual allure, what would be more empowering than rejecting that notion? By covering up, we reject the message that women must be sexy, but not slutty. Stick thin, but still curvy. Youthful, but all natural.”

She doesn’t deny that not every woman who wears the hijab has made that choice. But not every woman who doesn’t wear the hijab has made that choice either.

“Some women are forced to wear it in some parts of the world. (…) But if pressure to wear the hijab is seen as oppression and rightly so, why is social pressure or legal pressure to not wear it excused as female emancipation?”

Her message is clear: women are smart enough to make their own choices. They are capable of controlling their own bodies.

“The liberation lies in the choice, by assuming that all veiled women are oppressed, we belittle the choice of those who want to wear it.

“The truth is that for many women the hijab allows them to reclaim their bodies and have full control over them. That makes a lot of people uncomfortable.”

Written by Hayat El Khattabi

Hayat Jamal is a 22-year-old History student. She likes to read, write and practice sports.