Everybody Loves Liverpool Football Player Mohamed Salah – Here’s Why

Mohamed Salah. As a child playing in the streets of Egypt he dreamt of playing in Europe and now, years later, he is one of the best players in the world. The Liverpool attacker amazes the whole world with his gracious style of play and merciless finishing in front of the goal.

Salah started his career with the local football club Al Moqaouloun. Two years later he caught the eye of the Swiss topclub Basel, from where he earned a move to Chelsea. The Egyptian striker found it hard to break trough into the London based team, thanks to the defensive style of play of the then manager José Mourinho.

After only one and a half season Salah decided to continue his career at the Italian side AC Fiorentina. With succes, because after only one season he got himself a move to AS Roma, one of the biggest clubs in Europe.

Top goalscorer Premier League

And now, Salah is surprising the whole world as he plays out of his skin for Liverpool. At first the people where questioning his pricetag of 42 million euros. Now, no one is even mentioning it anymore. After 34 games in the Premier League -with still four games to go- he is the Premier League top goalscorer with 31 goals and is on his way to set a new Premier League record: No one scored more than 31 goals in the PL in one season.

On 22 april 2018 he was voted for PFA’s best Premier League player. Is he on his way to the Ballon d’or is the question now. The chance is huge. Liverpool, led by Salah with two goals and two assists, humiliated AS Roma in the Champions League semi-final with a 5-2 win and is almost certain of qualification for the Champions League Final.

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The striker is loved by the crowd of Anfield Road (Stadium of Liverpool). The fans of Liverpool even made a hilarious chant where they said that if ‘Salah scores another few, they will be muslim too’.  Even though that it’s just a joke, you can clearly see that the people are somehow appreciating the religion more than before. This is the impact Salah made. In a time where muslims are often negotiated by the cruelty of IS, Salah makes them forget it by showing that the islam should not be associated with IS.

Salah’s life besides the football pitch

The Liverpudlian is a true muslim and is always very humble. He celebrates every goal with a sudjood (a kneel to God), as he is thankful for the blessings he gets every day. Salah is often seen reading the Qoran and even named his daughter Makka, referring to the holy city. He is also about to build a hospital and a school in his hometown Nagrig. The Liverpool star has spent already hundreds of thousands to improve lives for people who live there. He proves that when you stand for something, you will conquer everything. Salah is a true example for everyone, not only for muslims. 

Funny tweets

People are even mentioning Salah in hilarious tweets and telling f.e. that they are converted to islam thanks to Salah:

You only need one reason te tell why Mohamed Salah is better than Messi and Ronaldo: The two have never made anyone want to change their religion, while Salah is converting Englishmen everyday.