This Is The Most Epic Twitter Thread And Shout Out To Muslims That Are Struggling

Her Twitter handle is @palestyria and she made the most epic Twitter thread about things we’re struggling with in our Muslim community. It’s a shout out to Muslims that are overlooked by other Muslims.

She started with Muslims who have eating disorders and for whom a difficult time is coming.

And how about Muslims with psychological disorders?

Muslims with ADD…

… and those who have a bipolar disorder.

She didn’t forget about those with social anxieties or those with dissociative issues.

She included many mental health issues in her thread.

An important issue is the one of racism within the Muslim community.

And she included Muslims that are struggling with addictions and are still trying to make something of their lives.

An epic Twitter thread that might make many Muslims reflect on issues we’re having within the Muslim community. Shout out to the brave woman that created it!

Written by Hanan Challouki

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