Fashion at the African Mosque: Celebrating Eid in Traditional Clothing

Eid is a time of celebration, so many dress up for the occasion. We wanted to offer an alternative look on this day so we decided to focus on the fashion.

We were fascinated by the mix of cultures that this day brings out in such a unique way, so we went outside looking for style but instead of some ‘fashion week’ in Paris or New York, it was Eid in Antwerp. We chose an African mosque in Antwerp, Belgium right after the morning prayer. There we found dozens of beautiful people in colourful outfits, but most importantly, we found people proud to wear this traditional African clothing, proud of their religion, roots and heritage.

We asked a few of those charming, confident people in Bazin shirts and pants to pose for us and we used the pictures to create a fashion editorial.

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This fashion editorial was created by Aäron Beyers and Eloi Nsanzabandi.

Written by Mvslim

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