Editor’s Column: 8 Creative Black Muslim Men You Should Be Following and Supporting!

In the run-up to Black History Month, we at Mvslim want to use our publication to platform some of the unsung individuals and legends of our generation. 

With the Black Lives Matter Movement and the level of structural and institutional racism that exists across the world, we at Mvslim feel that it is important that we do our part to support Black Muslims especially and their work. 

As we are launching our Mvslim Creative platform on Instagram, I thought it only right to compile a list of 8 Creative Black Muslim men whose work is changing the landscape of not only the Muslim community but the wider media space. 

We will also be honoring creative Black Muslim women on another list!

Do send us your favorite artists and change-makers! 

This list is not exhaustive but it is a starting place for anyone who is looking for more diverse and extremely talented creative individuals. Support their work and share this list! 

This list covers Black Muslim and male talent across different creative disciplines. From filmmakers and actors, to comedians and nasheed artists. 

1. Boonaa Mohammed

Brother Boonaa is one of the originals when it comes to Black Muslim creatives developing new ways of teaching the Ummah. 

He is a Canada based, award-winning poet, filmmaker, and public speaker whose work has a global presence. Boonaa Mohammed is the founder of Safina Media,  a production company dedicated to dawah through storytelling. 

His most recent film can be accessed here. 

Boonaa Mohammed | Nothin’

For bookings or other inquires contact holla@boonaa.comInstagram: @boonaam facebook/twitter: @boonaamohammed Written by Boonaa Mohammed Directed by Tahmid S…

2. Ashley Belal Chin

Ashley Belal Chin, a.k.a Muslim Belal is a London based, spoken word artist, actor, and screenwriter of Jamaican descent.

Ashley Chin is also considered an original when it comes to his work in the Muslim community. After reverting to Islam, he gained a lot of notoriety in the Muslim community through his tours and traveling to different countries and universities telling his story. 

Ashley Belal Chin released his coffee table book, Faith which is filled with his inspiring words and the perfect keepsake for those who have been following his journey. 

Ashley Chin is also working on his film which is being produced by Shahaadah Productions, RST Pictures. 

Muslim Belal (Ashley Chin) – LIFE

“Distracted by the lights, they forgot the purpose of life” – Ashley Belal ChinInstagram: @ashleybelalchin————————-Mount Uhud (www.mountuhud….

3. Nabil Abdul Rashid

Nabil Abdul Rashid is a London based comedian of Nigerian descent. 

‘In 2010, at the age of 25, he became the youngest black comedian to perform stand-up at the Hammersmith Apollo.’

Nabil Abdul Rashid is well known for using his comedy as a form of activism to shine a light on issues in the Muslim community such as Anti-blackness.

He is currently on Britain’s Got Talent and was awarded a golden buzzer taking him straight into the semi-finals! We look forward to supporting Nabil through the show!

A HILARIOUSLY GOLDEN performance from Nabil Abdulrashid! | Auditions | BGT 2020

Prepare to laugh your socks off as Nabil Abdulrashid brings his edgy and charismatic humour to the BGT stage…Alesha is so blown away by this funnyman, she ju…

4. Rhamzan Days

Rhamzan is a Nigeria based nasheed artist who makes original songs and covers of popular songs using his vocals alone.

Rhamzan has a global fan base and has traveled to the UK to perform on Eman Channel’s Night of Vocals Tour. He creatively combines, Arabic, English, and his native tongue Yoruba into his projects. 

Check out his youtube channel here.

5. Omar Regan

Omar Regan is an African American actor and comedian. When he was younger, Omar Regan was part of a music group called Servants of Allah. Regan also doubled for Chris Tucker in Rush Hour 2. 

He is most known for his company Halalywood Productions that ‘uses entertainment and humor to promote tolerance, diversity, and to build bridges across racial, religious, and social divides.’

He toured the world for his movie; American Sharia which he wrote, directed, and acted in. 

6. Tariq Toure

Tariq Toure is a multi-award winning poet from West Baltimore with a global presence.

Toure has previously published a collection of poetry called Black Seeds. He describes his new book 2 Parts Oxygen as; ‘a weighty tribute to family roots, the miraculous privilege of fatherhood, and Islam in Black America.’

‘Each poem bears its own load and masterfully ushers the reader into Toure’s house of words, stories, and intricate lives. It is a thoughtful celebration of joy in the midst of a chaotic era.’

7. Youssef Kromah

Youssef Kromah is an award-winning poet, best-selling author, dynamic speaker, community activist, and international television host at Huda TV in Cairo, Egypt.

Not only has Youseff published books but he is also a Luxury suit designer and a trendsetter on Instagram when it comes to clothing! 

8. Yasin Osman

Yasin is a Toronto based photographer and Cartoonist of Somali descent. 

‘In 2017 Osman traveled to Somalia to collaborate with Love Army, a humanitarian organization founded by Jerome Jarre, Casey Neistat, Ben Stiller & Chaka. 

During Osman’s time in Somalia, he focused on capturing the resiliency of those who were affected by the drought. Osman also joint forces with world-renowned artist JR and had his photos pasted onto multiple water trucks all over the country.’

‘Osman is also a cartoonist for The New Yorker Magazine submitting weekly batches alongside the rest of the cartoonists. 

His self-published comic book Grandpa Ali & Friendsis also available on amazon worldwide’

Comment down below and let us know who your favorite Black Muslim Creatives are! 

Written by Hafsah Dabiri

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