Dubai – A City Where Eid Can Be Enjoyed By Muslims And Non-Muslims

As  the 10th of Dhu Al-Hijjah approaches. Muslims are welcoming  Eid al-Adha, also known as the greater Eid that begins with  morning prayers and involves the sacrifice of animals. The greater Eid is celebrated in different ways around the world, depending on the country you are living in. So what about the famous, Metropolitan city Dubai?

With Expats making 91% of its population, Dubai, is a melting pot that has prided itself on upholding the values of religious freedom and diversity. Eid in Dubai creates exceptional harmony amongst Muslims and non-Muslims. Here are some ways Eid celebration is shared in Dubai with people of different cultures and religions.


Dubai comes alive during Eid with it’s beautiful fireworks. Residents, tourists, expats, local Muslims and non-Muslim go to public areas to watch the lit up skies.

Entertainment in Malls

On Eid a lot of shopping malls host entertainment activities enjoyed by Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

Middle Eastern Cultural Experience

You can also simply immerse yourself with Middle Eastern culture everywhere in the city. 

Enjoy authentic Arabic dinners

Authentic Arabic dinners are served inside Majlis. They make Eid celebration in Dubai even more fascinating for both Muslims and non-Muslims.  

Watch the Dubai Fountain

What is more glamorous than watching the Dubai Fountain while hanging around at world’s tallest building with some friends this Eid Al-Adha?


As for the ladies, how about some Henna to help you remember the beautiful ways Eid is celebrated in Dubai?

Dubai has just broken the scale of multiculturalism when it comes to big celebrations such as Eid Al-Adha, whether you are a Muslim or non-Muslim There is no doubt that Dubai makes your holidays a lot more delightful.

Written by Ananda Siregar

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19 years old. Born in Indonesia's capital Jakarta, Dubai bred ,currently studying communication design in Bahçeşehir university in Istanbul. Third culture kid. Always enthusiatic and filled with energy. Aspires to bring positive changes within young people. Interested in political and religious affairs. Enviromental concern, arts and culture, history, non-profit orignization volunteering , writing and traveling .