Do try this at home: 6 simple recipes to try out during Ramadan

Have you been fasting for a whole day or do you still have a whole day ahead of you? Then what do you eat? Here are six simple recipes you need to try out during Ramadan! By the way, this is also for people who don’t fast. These recipes are just too tasty to not try out.

1. Smoothie with dates and banana

Let’s start with a refreshing and revitalizing smoothie! Muslims generally eat dates to break the fast, to follow into the footsteps of our Prophet (pbuh). The sugar in dates is definitely welcome after an entire day of fasting. The bananas give you a sugar boost too. Therefore, this smoothie is a tasty energy boost and it’s healthy!

2. Leek pancakes

These light pancakes are so good! Besides, they’re healthy too if you make them without butter. You can make variations with corn, broccoli,… And you don’t need many ingredients for them. All you need is flower, milk, eggs and leek. A nice veggie pancake!

3. Banana pancakes

The sweet version of leek pancakes. Though you need slightly different ingredients, namely banana, eggs and milk. The bananas are the main ingredient. These pancakes are once again a sugar boost! They’re very tasty with honey or just bare.

4. Oat meal cookies

These cookies will fill your stomach in no-time and you’ll get a saturated feeling for a while. It makes them perfect to eat in the morning to keep a saturated feeling after you stop eating.
Do you still have oat meal left? Put it in a grinder and grind it to flour to make oat meal pancakes. Or you can make a classic oat meal porridge. Add some fruit and you’re good to go!

5. Pizza with tortilla wraps

During the day, you crave all kinds of food! But after an entire day of fasting, your stomach is much smaller than all the food you crave. I personally don’t have space to eat a few slices of pizza, that’s if I still want to be able to move afterwards! Therefore, a lighter version of pizza: pizza on a tortilla wrap. Just put some tomato sauce, cheese, mushrooms,… whatever you like! Because of the thin wrap, you still have pizza but it does not fill your stomach as much as the classic version.

6. Briwat

These triangular pastries are truly delicious! With noodles, chicken and carrots. Bet that they are gone before you know it. You can also make one big ‘pie’ that you can cut into pieces afterwards. I find the little triangles easier because they’re ready to eat ;).

Enjoy! Bsaha ftourkoum!

PS: When you try out a recipe or have a simple recipe of your own, take a picture and share it on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtags #ramadaneverywhere and #mvslim. I am also curious about your must-make dishes.

Written by Ikram El Maaboudi

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Ikram El Maaboudi is 22 years old, has a Bachelor degree in Social-Cultural Work and is now studying to become a Master in Agogic Sciences. She loves to spend her time reading a book, taking photographs or being creative with food.