Discover The Mystery Behind India’s Oldest Quran

Weeks after the oldest Quran fragments had been found in Birmingham, UK, the Mysuru District Police of India have retrieved an old copy of the Quran, reportedly more than 400 years old, making it “India’s Oldest (discovered) Quran”.


The Mysuru District Superintendent of the Police told reporters that a gang consisting of ten members had bought the book from unidentified persons in Hyderabad. “They were trying to sell it for a price of 50 million rupees. When we learned about them trying to sell the valuable book by sharing videos, a team of policemen approached them in K.R. Nagar posing as prospective buyers,” he said.


Historian B. Sheikh Ali, who was present at the press conference, described the calligraphy in the book as a “piece of art”. All 604 pages are coated with gold. The last page bears the year in which it had been written. “It was written in 1050 of the Hijri calendar, which works out to 1605 AD, which is around the period when Mughal rule was at its peak in India,” he said.

“There is no information except that it is dedicated to the saints of that period,” professor Sheikh Ali said. “Though I have seen many copies of the Quran in India, I have not seen one as old as this,” he added.

The accurate date and history of the scripture is yet to be confirmed.

Source: The Hindu

Written by Jenifer Sayyed

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Dr. Jenifer Sayyed is a medical doctor by profession, with an interest in religious views.