Did you notice the running hijabi in Apple’s latest ad?

Is it just me or are ads getting better and better when it comes to the representation of minorities and promoting diversity? I feel like advertising has never impressed me as much as it did these past few months. Remember H&M with their ‘Closing The Loop’-campaign? They included the most diverse group I had ever seen in just one ad. And Apple did the exact same thing! But better.

For their Beats 1 feature, which is Apple’s worldwide radio station, they created an ad with a very diverse group of people, all connected by one thing: their passion for music.


It’s a Muslim woman, jogging to Pharrell Williams’ latest track in the background that opens the video. And as you continue watching, you can tell that the representation was done exactly right in this ad. We see different people, all from different backgrounds and ethnicities, enjoying their love for music. That’s what makes this video a great example of what an ad should look like.

The thing about representation is that it has to be done in a way that makes it as natural as possible. Taking the example of representing Muslims. It’s more than just showing a hijabi in your ad, because when you’re focussing on the fact that one is a Muslim or that someone is wearing a headscarf, it takes away the whole idea of representation for me. Because it feels like Muslims are nothing but their religion, and that’s not how we see it. We are individuals with different passions and identities and being Muslim is just one aspect of our life.

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That’s why it’s really refreshing to see a hijabi in an ad, without focussing on her religion, but on her love for music, just like all the others that were included in the ad.


Written by Mvslim

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