Meet the Creative: Deniz Dalkilic, Chief Technology Officer at Marhaba DeFi

The world of crypto has been a trending topic for a few years now and with the rate that it’s currently growing, it seems as though it could take over the financial world in the next decade or so. But how does this affect Muslims, in particular? Often we see major changes in the world easily adapt with secular values, but how are they now also aligning with the values of Islam?

Well, companies like MRHB DeFi are making crypto more accessible to Muslims without compromising on certain core Islamic principles. MRHB DeFi is the world’s first ethical & Islamic DeFi ecosystem built to aim to bridge the gap between the Muslim Community and the Blockchain world and drive the biggest revolution in finance in over a century.

As we all know, interest/riba/maysir are all considered haram, so that’s why MRHB have eliminated that from their process, so much so, that they have been deemed ‘Sharia Compliant‘, which means they adhere to all the guidelines that then allow them to promote their services as ‘halal.’ Being interest-free, decentralised, transparent means that they can offer a sense of security and the experienced and the highly qualified in-house Shariah advisors ensure this by providing the right advice to their users.

Deniz Dalkilic is a 32-year-old British-Turkish software developer who has previously worked for big-name companies like Capgemini and Thomson Reuters. He’s also currently the Chief Technology Officer at MRHB and he sat down with Omar DaCosta-Shahid at MVSLIM to discuss all things crypto as well as the importance of leaving behind a positive legacy.

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How did you come across MRHB?

During last Ramadan, when I was looking to pay some Zakat in crypto but there weren’t many options out there, so I started digging around on Google to see what sort of Islamic-based cryptocurrencies were out there that could offer me some sort of help. That’s when I came across an article for MRHB DeFi and read about what they were trying to build.

I was immediately interested in it because it struck home because I was trying to find a solution to something they were already trying to build. I joined their Telegram channel, initially as an investor, but then I started talking to the CEO, and from there, got to know more about the business. They needed someone technical and I had the background, so it escalated from there and I ended up joining the team as an investor and as a CTO as well.

What do you like most about MRHB?

I like the way they look at the cryptocurrency market as a whole, and the technology behind it rather than focusing on charts, price action or a very specific coin which we call maximalist. We have Bitcoin maximalist, Ethereum maximalist and I don’t like the concept of being a maximalist in cryptocurrency in general, because at the end of the day, cryptocurrency, as a sector achieved trying to achieve the same thing, whether it’s Bitcoin or Ethereum – it’s to remove frictions and make it fair for everyone.

Can you explain the concept of a “maximalist?”

Maximalism is basically saying, oh, “Bitcoin is the only coin, nothing else matters,” or “Ethereum is one coin and nothing else matters.”

I just don’t like the approach. I think it stops innovation, it stops discussion. It just has no positive effect. I mean, as someone in tech, we should be able to discuss the ups and downs of each chain or each point it does right and we should be open-minded. Maximalists aren’t like that. It’s because most of their wealth is invested in a specific coin, so it’s in their best interest to build that up.

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So aside from tech and crypto what else is important to you? 

You mean on a personal level? Family. My family is very important and my kids, I want them to be, I mean, I don’t know if I should say this on record or anything, but I pray that my children become 10 times a better person than me. I want them to be on a straight path, the “good path.” In life, in general, I want them to enjoy their lives and not just be concerned with being “grown-up,” as in just chasing money. I want them to be altruistic people and give back as much as they can. But it’s not all about just giving back to Muslims, it’s about giving back to non-muslims where there is a need too. That’s what I want for my kids. And my wife. I mean, from day one, when we were struggling. From the first day of marriage till now where we have a more comfortable lifestyle. I hope to be by her side, just as she was by mine since day one.

How would you like people to remember you in 25 years? What would you like to have achieved?

I think I want people to remember me as a pioneering person, of course, along with the rest of the MRHB team. I would be very happy if people saw and appreciated the products that we have built in 25 years, and see how far that has taken us.

I want to leave a strong and positive legacy behind here.

Written by Mvslim

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