Countdown To Iftaar: What A Typical Day During Ramadan Feels Like

Let’s begin, Bismillah…

Pre-Suhoor – Waking up in a state of panic, and you kind of forget who or where you are.

Suhur – You eat everything in your sight before the Fajr adhaan.

Fajr – Fajr done. You slowly crawl back to bed…

Counting the hours you have left to sleep until you wake up again… For work.

Tossing and turning, still no sign of sleep. It’s ok though, you still have two hours left.

Waking up  –  You’ve slept through ten different alarms and have only 15 minutes to get ready for work.

The commute – No seat on the train, so you sleep whilst standing up.

Or if you’re lucky enough to find a seat.

9:10 AM – Now you’re at work and the questions start…

10:00 AM – You’re feeling fine, you feel like you can make it…

10:06 AM – ‘Only six minutes have passed?! It felt like I worked for four hours straight!’

11:00 AM – Quickly check yourself for ‘Ramadan breath’ before going into a team meeting.

11:30AM – Feeling a little tired, perhaps some coffee

*Enter Ramadan Police*

“Alright, fine! Ya Allah please reward me with rivers of coffee in Jannat for resisting now, Ameen!”

12:00 PM – The first of many stomach grumbles makes its debut. It’s caught the attention of a few.

Lunch – The real test of Sabr begins. Your sense of smell is in overdrive and you know exactly what everyone is eating, right down to the last quinoa salad.

1:15 PM – “Don’t worry guys, you can eat in front of me.”


giphy (2)

2:00 PM – After racing to the bathroom to do wudhu for Zuhr, you get caught with your foot in the sink.

3:00 PM  – Hunger pains are in full force now, and you’ve resorted to Googling images of chocolate cake to help ease the pain…but it doesn’t help.

3:30 PM The afternoon headaches kick in.

5:00 PM – That’s it, you’re out the office faster than the Flash.

The Commute Home – Trying to stay alive whilst being packed in like a can of sardines on the train.

6:00 PM – To fill the next hours, you resort to baking because being near food is as good as eating it.

“Should I watch the next episode of Game of Thrones? Will it break my fast? Well, there were some R-rated scenes in the last two episodes, sooooo this one shouldn’t have any. Science!”

23 minutes, 3 secs in – Instant regret #Tauba

Asr time – You finally get to sit down with the Quran and go over the surahs you promised to memorise.

 The smell of mum’s food, has got you salivating and a little bit delirious.

One hour before iftaar – Does time really move this slowly?

20 minutes before iftaar – Your date is looking super fine tonight.



IftaarAlhamdullilah, it’s time to break the fast! You made it!


Full? But there’s cake…nuff said.

Teraweeh approaches…the struggle is real.

The beautiful recitation keeps you awake throughout the prayers.

Teraweeh over, and guess what? Your shoes have been stolen!

You’re walking home in some next man’s shoes…

Shattered. Your bed is your best friend.

Time to do it all again.

Share your random/quirky/beautiful Ramadan moments with us!

May we strive to be the best version of ourselves this month, develop a stronger bond with the Quran to bring us closer to Allah. Ameen.

This article is written by Foreda Begum and Kapil Mahmud.

Written by Mvslim

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