ConquerHub – The podcast that inspires Muslims through success stories

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”

Knowledge. Inspiration. Motivation.

Those words make up the purpose of ConquerHub, a podcast series based on sharing success stories to inspire and motivate others. They interview various successful individuals on how they pursued their aspiration in spite of their struggles. Their mission is to empower others through publicizing these experiences and hope that many more people “Conquer the struggle”.

Can you give some basic background about ConquerHub? When it started, why you started it, origin story, etc.

ConquerHub derived out of our vision to spread a message filled with inspiration and motivation for people to pursue the dreams and aspirations they have for themselves. We felt that we could make this vision happen best by shedding light on Muslims who have become accomplished in their own individual fields and shed light on their story of how they came up and reached to the level they are at today. In this way, we hope that the insight gained from the guests we interview will somehow educate, motivate and inspire our listeners to overcome obstacles and pursue the dreams they have yet to realize or have not been successful in initiating.

How do you choose your guests?

We seek guests who have in some way become prominent or influential in their field and who we believe will demonstrate that level of accomplishment through telling their story. With every guest, we always ask, what can we learn from this guest? How can they inspire our listeners to be productive and accomplish their goals? We seek guests who will motivate our listeners to realize their full potential and who know how to deliver that message in a direct, easy and understandable way.

Ahmad Hussam, the founder of Peace House, is the creator of the Salahadin Netflix Campaign and has produced dozens of socially conscious videos that have gone viral on social media. Him and his team’s message is to tells stories in the hopes of positive change and Ahmad tells us in his interview step-by-step how he got started, the struggles he endured and how he got to where he is today.

What do the stories you cover all have in common? Many of your guests seems to be self-built, accomplished young individuals with strong messages for our communities. Would you consider this to be true?

Yes, more or less. I think all of our guests had a passion and found a way to harness that passion in a way where they could make a career or livelihood out of it. Most of our guests are prominent in their fields not as doctors, lawyers, or engineers, but as entertainers, fashion designers, and politicians; careers that most young Muslims don’t pursue and are not really encouraged to. These guests are really outside of the mainstream Muslim culture in terms of career path but for that reason exactly, their prominence and success derives from their individuality and uniqueness.

What do you think is the significance of your podcast for Muslim audiences in America, particularly young Muslims?

Our podcast is unique in that it not only tries to entertain, it inspires. Not a lot of podcasts today create that ‘light bulb effect’ in their message. We’ve had listeners reach out and tell us that our podcast was the reason why they launched their own non-profit organization, pursued better habits, and even started their own business. People discover their ambitions and become the best version of themselves. The guests on our podcast lead by example and show young Muslims that it is possible to pursue their passions. ConquerHub listeners get that message from our interviews when they hear what our guests went through in accomplishing their goals and how they did it.

Where do you see your podcast going in the future?

Although our future plans are disclosed at the moment, we see ConquerHub becoming much bigger. We would love to diversify ConquerHub and have plans in the future to spread our message in different formats beyond the confines of the podcast. For now, we are seeking to grow our team and welcome likeminded, skilled individuals who seek to empower themselves and empower others. People who can contribute to our social media marketing, writing, interviews and other organizational needs. We want to affect the lives of as many people as we can and so hitting as many forms of delivery and communication will hopefully be the way we do it. We can’t wait to see what the future holds.  

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This article was written by Sara Halimah

Written by Sara Halimah

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