The city that never sleeps on Snapchat Live

Snapchat has added Hajj on as a live story on the app as millions of Muslims make their way to Makkah and Medina on the holy pilgrimage.

The story started off with the Hajj 2015 filter, saying “Join the journey with millions of Muslims performing the day’s rites at Mount Arafat.” Only hours had passed since the live story was added, when thousands of snaps had already been screen-grabbed and shared across Facebook and Twitter.






Snapchat added another similar live story earlier this year as Muslims observed the month of Ramadan. The story soon became a major-hit, not just among Muslims, but across other religions as well.

Written by Soufyan Harraoui

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Soufyan Harraoui is 19 years old and interested in everything that is related to computer science. He also loves writing poetry and taking photographs.