Chrissy Teigen Thinks She Made Moroccan Couscous – She Really Didn’t

Hungry or craving for couscous? Worry no more, because according to Twitter, Chrissy Teigen has a recipe to share with everyone! The American model, T.V. influencer and personality, married to contemporary Jazz musician John Legend, has been stirring quite a reaction within the twitter community as her recipe for instant “couscous” has just gone viral.

On Thursday May 10, 2018, her recipe for veggie couscous composed of harissa and dried fruit, received all sorts of hilarious reactions within the community. Many twitter users implored Teigen to look at what essentially “real” couscous looks like and some made their own, bombarding Teigen’s newsfeed with shared pictures of their own “real” interpretation of veggie couscous.

After being flooded with an array of hysterical comments and posts, Teigen defended her status by stating that the original dish was ultimately “Moroccan”, being generally oblivious to the North African roots of the dish. Mamoun Lamrani, one of her followers, pointed her mistake out and the star went on an immense tangent which led to her associating Morocco as a connecting factor to her veggie couscous recipe.

It’s interesting that Teigen, is working on her new cookbook, at the moment, known as “Cravings”. Note to self: a little history and research goes a long way. Better luck next time, Teigen!

Reminder: North Africa and Middle East aren’t synonyms!


A real punishment!

There’s not supposed to be salad in couscous, though.

Mmm, African pasta!

Sources: Moroccan Ladies

Written by Noor Siddiqui

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