Chris Rock Has the Best Solution for Muslims Who Want to Travel Faster by Plane

Did anybody ever hear of “Risky Airline”? It’s a solution Chris Rock proposes for people who just want to get to the airport and get on that plane without going through a million security checks. A little more risky, but the best part: “Muslims pay only half price”. Now who wouldn’t sign up for this, right?

This was just one of the ways Chris Rock dealt with today’s issues in his latest Total Black-Out Tour, performing in Antwerp, Belgium on Sunday. The show was – of course – filled with references to Trump’s administration and the consequences for minorities living in the United States.

He even made us believe that Trump was actually a good thing for America: “After Bush, we got Obama, so after Trump, Jesus must be returning.” That Trump is some unique phenomenon was something he didn’t agree with, since rich, old, white men have always decided for other people what to do.

Rock made a couple of comparisons that were spot on, while talking about all the shootings on black people in the US. ‘When white cops kill black kids, people say they are just the bad apples of the bunch. Some jobs shouldn’t have bad apples. Like pilots. Would it be sufficient if most of them wanted to land the plane safely?’ He wondered why the police wasn’t a bit subtler and didn’t kill some white kids too once in a while. ‘Even white people are starting to hope it’s a white guy this time.’

And there was no lack of advice for minority groups of people being bullied in general. “Bullying makes you stronger. Diamonds are made under pressure, not under hugs.”

Written by Mvslim

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