Chinese Reality TV Show Uses Cartoons to Censor Actress Wearing Headscarf

“Divas hit the road” is a popular reality show in China. The show is about Chinese celebrities who travel the different countries with a low budget. A great concept, isn’t it?

In the latest episode, the celebrity Ning Jing, who is a singer, went to Dubai. During her traveling in this Arabic country, the singer wore a headscarf. But during the broadcasting of the episode the production team decided to censor the headscarf. This way they didn’t had to cut in the episode. I have to say it’s quite original.

She went from super sayan …

to this helmet.

#NingjingBlurred became a trending topic on Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter. People went to discuss the censoring of the actress, who is not Muslim. They censored it because China associates headscarves with religious extremism. This is not the first anti-Muslim measure we see in China. The burqa has been banned from public places in the region of Xinjiang in China, since January. China has also banned Ramadan fasting in the Xinjiang region, home to a large Uighur Muslim community.

Written by Assia Loutfi

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