The City of Turin Meets The Islamic & Middle Eastern World During This Year’s Torino Fashion Week

Who ever thought that modest fashion would receive so much attention? I didn’t ..But let me tell you this: who ever thought that fashion and Muslim women did not go together, is wrong!

A few weeks ago, the Torino Fashion week took place in Turin, Italy. For the first time, this fashion week was dedicated to modest Islamic fashion.The event was an immense success. The TMODA association in Turin wanted to help the modest fashion industry become more known by giving it a significant space in the Torino Fashion Week since the designers in Italy saw that modest clothing has been growing for a few years. “This year, the city of Turin has come close to the Islamic/Middle Eastern world on a social and cultural level, so we wanted to do it through fashion, because I think it is important to make the Islamic world more known at this time,” commented Claudio Azzolini, TMODA president and organizer of the Torino Fashion Week.

The rising modest fashion designers were the central characters of the Torino Fashion week, which are testimonial of a new business culture of innovation and of creativity. They focus on globalization and cultural diversity and they want to break the current perception of what it means to dress modestly.

One of the main attendants of the event was Alia Khan. Based in Dubai, UAE, Alia Khan is the founder and chairwoman of the Islamic Fashion and Design Council (IFDC), an organization established for the development of the Islamic fashion and design industry worldwide.

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Modest Wear is ​​inspired by Muslim men and women so they can dress in accordance to their faith whilst still expressing their preferences in style. Having models on the catwalk with hijab and modern, modest fashion is not something European countries are used to seeing. This event was a great step forward in breaking stereotypes about fashion for Muslim women & men.



More pictures of the Torino Fashion Week here. Enjoy!

This article is written by Loubna Khalkhali.

Written by Mvslim

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