Can’t Get Enough of Unique Modest Fashion? Get Inspired to Dress Even Better With These 5 Muslim Brands!

The Western fashion industry has been targeting the Muslim audience for years now. But the amount of young Muslim designers and brands all over the world has also increased. 

1. TwelvePieces

TwelvePieces is a brand founded by Amir Hassan in 2013, who graduated from the VIA Design School in 2017. His brand and capsule collections are built upon storytelling with street and minimalistic silhouettes. His first capsule collection “The Spring” tells the story about the Arab Spring and his latest collection “Roots” is about representing his hometown Cairo, Egypt. TwelvePieces has been featured in magazines like Buzzfeed, Vogueand Hypebeast.

2. HalalSocks

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This brand was established in 2017 by a Muslim couple in Toronto, Canada. With the socks the couple wants to celebrate Muslim culture and ‘promote unity, harmony and diversity’ as mentioned on the official website. The brand works together with Islamic Relief Canada and other foundations. Even the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wore HappySocks on two public occasions.

Camel Crossing 🐫

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Is the second brand of Rani Hatta. HATTACO makes affordable ready to wear designer clothes. The collection is modern and easy to wear.


AL’CAT is an Indonesian brand that makes modern men’s clothing and accessories.  The collection is a mix of modern and traditional. It wants to keep the Islamic guidelines on modesty while keeping it minimalistic.


Huw Roman is a women’s fashion brand founded in 2015 and based in Tokyo, Japan. The clothing brand core concept, as explained on the official website, is based on “粋” (Iki), representing delicacy, individuality and chicness as well as “薫” (Kaoru), representing the atmospehere of illusion, nuance, romanticism, and reality

(Sumaya El-Zaher)

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