This Canadian synagogue opened its doors for the Muslim community

Two days after the attacks in Paris, the ‘masjid al-salaam‘ mosque in Canada was burned down by strangers, making a damage cost of 56 000 euros and leaving the Muslim community without a mosque to pray in.

But while the acid of hate tries to burn its way through hearts, love (always) overcomes the bitterness. When you try to divide, people will unite. And when some doors get closed, other doors will open… Just like the doors of this Synagogue in Peterborough did for the Muslim community.

Larry Gilman, the president of the synagogue, came up with this beautiful idea and received a unanimously agreement of the board.

“It’s not about religion, it’s not about race,” he told CBS’s Metro Morning. “As Canadians we have to stick together”.

“We have more similarities than differences, and we are in the House of God after all.” says Kenzu Abdella, the chairman of the mosque. “We were unsure first, because we didn’t know if we could enter a synagogue. But in less than 24 hours, everything changed. The board of the Synagogue told us they would help us with everything.”

And it’s a huge succes, because two prayer sessions and a potluck dinner have already been held at the Jewish centre this week.

But also Christians are expressing their support, by stating that their churches are open for Muslims. Meanwhile,  crowdfunding for the mosque has already collected $30 000.

Love… It leaves hate speachless in all languages and in every religion.

Written by Mayada Srouji

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Mayada Srouji is a 23-year-old student Gender and Diversity at the UGent and has a bachelor in Arabic and Islamic Sciences, with a minor in political and social sciences. She is interested in women rights, philosophy, literature and history.