Breaking: Ilhan Omar Won the Primary and Could Become the Second Muslim Congresswoman!

Ilhan Omar has won the Democratic primary and made history by becoming the first Somali-American to be elected in Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District.

The 36-year-old mother of three could become the second Muslim women to enter the Congress, alongside with Rashida Tlaib, if she wins the November midterm election. Rashida Tlaib, who has won the Detroit-area Democratic primary, already showed her support to Ilhan Omar via Twitter:


Omar’s family fled from Somalia because of the civil war when she was eight years old. In 1995 they emigrated to America and settled in Minneapolis. During her victory speech, Ilhan talked about the eight-year-old girl from the refugee camp:

“In my last race, I talked about what my win would have meant for that eight-year-old girl in that refugee camp. And today, today, I still think about her and I think about the kind of hope and optimism all of those eight-year-olds around the country and around the world get from seeing your beautiful faces elect and believe in someone like me.”


With her emotional speech she has touched the hearts of millions. “This really was a victory for that eight-year-old in that refugee camp,” she continued. It is remarkable that for the 2018 midterm elections, over 90 Muslims have run for political office. This is a record number.

Fun fact: Ilhan Omar also featured in Maroon 5 ”Girls Like You” music video.

Congratulations, Ilhan!

Written by Mvslim

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