Brace Yourself, Ramadan is Coming: 7 Ways To Prepare Yourself

With Ramadan around the corner, Muslims everywhere are starting to prepare themselves. Here are a few things you could start doing already.

1. Have a great breakfast on the day before Ramadan begins. You’re going to miss it after.


2. Don’t start binge eating the week before Ramadan. Trust me, you’re NOT going to lose that much weight.


3. Don’t skip legday at the gym, it’s the perfect preparation for Taraweeh.


4. Buy your favorite sweets before Ramadan begins. We all crave for the same and you want to skip the queues.

5. Try drinking less coffee already. Going cold turkey during Ramadan is a bad idea.


6. Practise waking up earlier because sleeping less but having breakfast beats fasting while hungry every time.


7. Take some extra naps now to make up for the all-nighters during Ramadan.


Just a few more days, people! 

Written by Mvslim

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