Bored of Watching Netflix? Here Are 5 Podcasts To Listen To!

Are you tired of watching Netflix series and movies all the time? Well, how about switching to podcasts? Podcasts are great because you can listen to them while doing other things. There are so many of them out there, you will definitely find one that’s interesting to you. Here are 5 podcasts to get started with! 

#1 Honest Tea Talk

In this podcast three Muslim women come together over a cup of tea to talk about issues and topics concerning the Ummah and women in general. From mental illness to marriage and losing religion. All these topics are discussed openly and honestly. 

#2 The Young & Muslim Podcast 

Listen to two men talking about controversial Netflix series and how to survive Christmas as a Muslim with The Young & Muslim Podcast. The two friends want to talk about stuff that no one is talking about. Laughing is guaranteed! They also have these Hadith Talks where they break down a hadith and discuss it together.

#3 Arab-American Psycho

Arab-American Psycho is all about life, beauty, fashion, women, relationships, travel, family, career…. basically everything! If you’re a fan of chill and funny talks, then this is the podcast to listen to. She invites guest to talk about their personal story, their struggles, their experiences and their tips to survive this world!  

You psychos asked for another solo episode, so I delivered. Enjoy my inner monologue, but out loud & on a podcast. #arabamericanpsycho

218 Likes, 14 Comments – Arab-American Psycho (@arabamericanpsycho) on Instagram: “You psychos asked for another solo episode, so I delivered. Enjoy my inner monologue, but out loud…”

#4 The Muslim Podcast

In The Muslim Podcast you will learn more about business, entrepreneurship and motivation. All the episodes are very short, perfect for a quick change and wake-up call! 

#5 Professional Muslim Women

This podcast is hosted by two women who talk about all the aspects of professional Muslim women: the struggles, stories and lessons they have learned in the process of pursuing their career. Successful Muslim women are put in the spotlight! 

So, how about some podcast sessions instead of a Netflix marathon tonight?