Bella Hadid Speaks Out on Global Hijab Bans

American supermodel, Bella Hadid, recently spoke out in solidarity with Muslim women who wear the hijab.

Speaking to her 49.5 million Instagram followers she slammed countries for their controversial laws targeting them, describing their actions as “sick in the head.”

“I urge France, India , Quebec, Belgium, and any other countries in the world who are discriminatory against Muslim women, to rethink what decisions you have made or are trying to make in the future about a body that is not yours,” she said. “It’s not your job to tell women what they should or shouldn’t wear, especially when it is pertaining to faith and safety.”

She continued with her emotional caption, emphasising that “it’s not [their] job to tell women whether or not they can study or play sports.”

“Hijabi women in France are not allowed to wear their Hijab to school, to play sports, to swim, even on their ID pictures. You can’t be a civil worker or work in hospitals with a Hijab. To get an internship, most universities will say, the only way to get one is to take off the hijab. It’s ridiculous and really shows how Islamophobic the world is without even acknowledging it. In regards to these new Bills that are either in the process of being passed or have already…

“The egocentrics of a man to think for even for one second, that they have enough validity to make decisions for a woman in 2022, are not only laughable but actually sick in the head.

“It needs to stop,” she concluded.

Credit: Instagram / @BellaHadid

She also dedicated 2 other posts to the issue, including one in which she spoke out on behalf of a young girl who was the target of a hate crime at Otago Girls’ High School in New Zealand.

Hoda Al-Jamaa, 17, was brutally beaten and had her hijab torn off by 3 non-Muslim girls who called Al-Jamaa and her friends “Muslim b******” and “terrorists” after the attack.

Hadid called for justice for young Hoda and also urged people to “stand up for [their] Muslim friends” if they’re being targeted.

The twenty-five-year-old’s solidarity posts come at an extremely difficult time for Muslim women all around the globe with restrictive laws affecting a large number of them in Western and non-Western countries.

In India, the current climate sees Muslim women being forced to remove their hijabs and abayas (dress coverings) before entering educational establishments or risk being excluded from classes.

And in France, God, what even is France? They’ve been on the Islamophobic bandwagon for decades now so we’re not even surprised anymore. Their latest law puts Muslim women in sports at risk of being turned away from competitions due to the religious garment.

It’s so disheartening that in 2022, we’re still having the same conversation about not only the hijab, but also intersectional feminism. Don’t even get me started on the so-called white “feminists” out there who have been silent throughout this entire saga. Feminism only seems to exist to them when its white women who are being affected in the Western world. Anyone else though? You’re on your own.

Hey, here’s a little thought… Maybe give the armpit hair growing and n*pple-freeing a rest and focus on actual issues that continue to oppress women all over the globe. Just because you have a few extra rights where you are doesn’t mean it’s the same for everyone and until we achieve that, no woman is truly free. Start off by taking some inspiration on how to be a decent ally from Bella Hadid.

That’s how you stand up for the equality of all women.

Credit: Instagram / @BellaHadid

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