Beauty and confidence: loving who you are

Weekly, I get messages from beautiful women who don’t think they’re beautiful. Women who are ashamed of their body and who are deeply unhappy about it. Women who don’t dare to start a relationship because of their dissatisfaction with their body. I also get messages from women who are insecure towards their partner, because of their body.

Because I’ve been through a lot with accepting my body, I want to do something with this. I want to let you, women, know firstly that you are beautiful. It’s just about with what glasses you look at yourself. It’s easier said than done. I know that better than anyone else. And still those glasses are really important on the road of accepting yourself.

Research showed that nine out of ten women want to change something about themselves. This means that insecurity about someone’s own body happens with all kinds of women. That means also the women who we see as ‘ideal’. I understand that you strive for improvement in life and that can also be expressed in your appearance. Nothing’s wrong with that. As long as it doesn’t damage your self-esteem.

Positivity is the key. Get rid of your ‘unhappy’ glasses and put on a pair of glasses that put yourself in a different perspective. Who determines what’s beautiful? That’s something you determine! It’s unhealthy and unrealistic to strive for an image that is created by an industry that wants to treat women unfriendly. Be aware of your body and take care of yourself.

Being extra good for yourself increases your self-esteem. Eat as healthy as possible, not to be skinny, but to give yourself energy. Treat yourself with for example a good massage and give yourself the rest and beauty it deserves. Try to move good, that clears your mind and gives you, again, a bigger self-esteem. Love yourself!

Believe me, everyone has imperfections or things that aren’t the ‘norm’. Too big bottoms? Too small bottoms? Too many love handles? Small boobs, big boobs, or boobs that aren’t symmetric? Scars? Big feet? Long toes? Short fingers? Big ears, small eyes? You can name it and it exists. For who do you want to perfection these body parts? You are who you are and that’s what makes you unique!

And be that beautiful woman with all your perfections and imperfections. The one who doesn’t accept you for who you are, isn’t worth your attention. We all have our wishes and ideals about male or female beauty. At the same time we live in a world where our personality seems to be underappreciated because of the wrong focus.

Get up and make the difference that you want to see! We all want to be seen and acknowledged for who we are. What is freer than loving yourself, without shame. In total freedom and happiness. Stand in front of the mirror and realise that we are all souls in a casing of flesh and blood. And everyone who undervalues you because of the way you look, is short-sighted.

‘Free yourself and love your body!’

Written by Rachida Ben Moussa

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Rachida Ben Moussa is an extrovert, sociable young mother and teacher. On her Facebook page Alternatief Coachen, she inspires her followers to be open-minded, spiritual and balanced.