The Autumn Essentials Lookbook: layering up for fall

It’s October which means that autumn has finally arrived in many countries. When I think about autumn I have three words on my mind: layers, layers and more layers! Autumn is the time of the year where you can show off your layering skills, because let’s be honest, layering up your clothes is a very delicate job. You either look like a flawless fashionista or like you just put on every single piece of clothing that you found in your closet. There’s almost no in-between. Thank God we live in a world where social media- hello Pinterest- is there for us to look out for some autumn fashion inspirations. After having scoured the web looking for the trends of this autumn, we found for you three different looks inspired by the beautiful pieces from the Inayah collection that you could give a try this season!

The long cardigan

This new fashion item comes in really handy when you want to create a modest look. One, it is long and two, since it’s a must-have this year you can find it everywhere. Depending on what you wear underneath different looks can be created. A sweater for a more casual look or you can try on a nice blouse to achieve a more professional or ‘fancy’ look.

The versatile Kimono

You can turn your favourite summer item into an autumn-appropriate piece in no time. Whether you’re more into minimalistic looks or whether you like colour, Inayah has a Kimono for everyone’s preference.

The final touch

The last thing that you really need in this cold and breezy season is a great warm coat. A beautiful coat usually forms the eye-catcher of your outfit, since it’s the first thing you notice when you look at someone’s clothing. So a nice, well-fitting coat is definitely a must.

The items that should definitely not miss your autumn essentials list are a pair of boots and some nice hats, because hot accessories can always give your look that extra funk.

If you liked the looks that were showed in this article, make sure you take a look at this year’s autumn collection of Inayah!

Written by Mvslim

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