Attacking Islam? Let’s reflect on our “American” values

The selective humanity regurgitated on much of the mainstream media is leading to the zombification of America. An America where bigots and xenophobes are allowed to run amok, attacking anything that moves without rhyme or reason.

And now, the zombies are attacking a faith that has much in common with other monotheistic faiths, in particular Christianity and Judaism. Many conservatives especially, seem to be hell bent on ensuring their constitutional Second Amendment rights, while remaining unconcerned about “certain unalienable rights” of others to pursue life, liberty and happiness.   

As Americans reflecting on the importance of the Constitution and the time period in which the constitution was written, it’s important to include additional history of that era.

In breaking away from Great Britain, America’s Declaration Of Independence was greatly influenced by those who questioned traditional authority. Some may remember this time period in history known as the “Enlightenment”.

Thomas Jefferson supported religious freedom, saying it “does me no injury for my neighbor to believe in twenty gods or no God. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg.”

Now I fear, we are regressing into the Dark Ages, becoming the very people we, as Americans, have so proudly rejected over the centuries. Once a sanctuary for oppressed peoples, and a haven for the enlightened, we are now delving deeply into our own savage barbarism that lurks. The Dark Ages was a period that came after the decline of the Roman Empire due to cultural and economic deterioration. Interesting how history appears to be repeating itself.

Why are our leaders not decrying the mainstream media’s efforts to present a very one-sided portrayal of Islam, a side that portrays us at war with Islam?

We are war, certainly. But we are at war with ourselves. Today we see radical conservatives scrambling to acquire firearms in the off chance that radical Islamists will take over.

We know America is suffering, but we’re not clear what precisely ails us. We are being smothered by an amorphic fog of fear. Humans fear the unknown, which is normal. Yet, because we are a distracted and unhealthy society due, in part, to the garbage we consume, we irrationally lash out at the first thing presented before us: and right now it’s Islam.

Our psychological buttons are being pushed. We are the fox caught in a bear trap. And that fox will react in one of two ways when approached: it will either lash out in fear or recoil and lick its wounds.

Today, people are lashing out on social media, or recoiling quietly into their own burgeoning fear. For those lashing out, I have one question:

How many of you have personally had bad experiences with radical Islamists and radical conservatives?

If you are simply reposting propaganda from nebulous sources on your social media, then you are contributing to the zombification of a great nation.

As an example, I recently conducted my own social experiment on Facebook: monitoring the negative news reports focused on “radical Islam” and who, of my Facebook network, reposted these. I privately messaged numerous posters in an attempt to understand what drove their anger, their fear. I asked: Did a Muslim attack you or your family? Did a conservative say something mean to you at Starbucks? And not one of them could point to a specific example. The hate, anger and fear is driven by a shape-shifting cloud manipulated by the mass media.

(However, on a recent film reconnaissance trip to Dallas, Texas, I had the opportunity to sit with a young Muslim mother who is now fearful sending her daughters to the private Islamic school they currently attend. Apparently the school administration felt the need to hire an armed security guard, replace all windows with bullet proof glass, and implement additional security measures- this was in response to KKK protests and “regular” armed citizens parading up and down the streets in an effort to intimidate Muslims.)

And while our presidential hopefuls are pandering to the publics, they are neglecting to remind us of our American heritage, E Pluribus Unum, Out Of Many, One.

The definition of a “leader” may be relative, however it should include: one who does not propagate fallacies- especially fallacies of Faith and especially since we are supposed to be One Nation, Under God, Indivisible, with liberty and just for ALL.

Written by Cynthia Ritchie.

Written by Mvslim

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