Arsenal Midfielder Thomas Partey Reportedly Converts to Islam

Arsenal star, Thomas Partey has reportedly converted to Islam.

Multiple outlets revealed that Partey has been studying the religion for months before officially taking his Shahadah (oath) in the past few days.

The news was posted to Twitter by sportswriter and social media personality, Conner Humm, who congratulated the football player for taking this big step.

“Thomas Partey has converted to Islam. Congratulations, @Thomaspartey22!”

Credit: Twitter / @TikiTakaConnor

Sports Brief also shared the news after spotting some photos of the ceremony on Reddit, adding that despite the reason for his conversion not being confirmed yet it was “disclosed [to them] that Partey is dating a Moroccan woman, who could be behind his decision to convert.”

Kind messages congratulating the football start have been pouring in ever since the news started circulating social media.

“Alhamdulillah. May Allah guide you to a better life,” one user said.

“Congratulations Thomas, I hope you find peace in your new religion. Islam is lovely, though I’m a Christian, but I know we all just want to live a good life, get closer to God and help people,” wrote another.

A third added: “Ma sha Allah brother… And since you won’t be drinking alcohol anymore, Player of the season [is] incoming!”

Partey has not yet made a public statement on the matter, but we’re hoping the news is confirmed from the horse’s mouth very soon.

The twenty-eight-year-old Arsenal midfielder was in action on Sunday at the Emirates Stadium where the team defeated Leicester City 2-0. He was also awarded Player of the Month last month for his efforts on the pitch.

It’s just been onwards and upwards for Partey.

May Allah guide him and bless him with more success.