Arabs Respond To Stephen Hawking’s Death In Honor Of His Scientific Legacy

The news of Stephen Hawking’s death made the entire world shake their head in disbelief for a moment. The renowned British cosmologist and theoretical physicist died on 14th March (i.e. Pi Day and birthday of Albert Einstein!). Hawking will be remembered as a global inspirational figure for his great resilience, many scientific achievements and, of course, a savage sense of humor. In honor of his scientific legacy, many Arabs shared thought provoking and heartfelt reactions:

1. Sama Ramy

Sama Ramy, the young woman who’s changing the way Egypt is looking at the specially abled, shared the news of Hawking’s death on her personal Facebook account. She reminded everyone that people like Hawking are defined by their strenght, not their disability.


2. Fadel Soliman

Islamic preacher and founder of Bridges Foundation expressed his admiration for the late scientist by bringing up the fact that Hawking was born on the anniversary of Galileo’s death and died on the anniversary of Einstein’s birth.


3. Anas Sultan

A young Azahri schooler interested in spreading knowledge and awareness – and not only the religious type, reminded his large audience that Hawking did a great deal for humanity and that humanity should be grateful for him. He also reminded them that condemning non-Muslims to hell and gloating their death is, by Muslim moral standards, very wrong.


4. Mourid and Tamim Barghouti

Palestinian poet and political activist, Mourid Barghouti, on the other hand focused on Hawking’s own anti-war activism by showing an old photo of Hawking during an anti-Vietnam war protest.

While his son Arab poet and political scientist, Prof. Tamim Barghouti, shared an art work depicting the famous scientist getting up from his equally famous wheel chair and walking toward the stars.


5. Nicholas Khouri

Jordanian political satirist of Palestinian descent, Nicholas Khouri, posted how Hawking  served humanity while also reminding everyone of Hawking’s many political stances regarding Palestine, Syria and the war on Iraq.


6. Linda Sarsour

Palestinian-American activist Linda Sarsour expressed her grief for Hawking on Twitter with the sentence that came to all our minds when we heard the news “The world has lost a great mind. #RIPStephenHawking”


7. Egychology

And last but not least, Egyptian science YouTuber Ahmed Samir of the Egychology YouTube channel posted on their official Facebook fan page how Hawking’s research changed the way scientists look at the cosmos.


8. A personal thought on Hawking’s death

My science grades, in general, and physics specially were average at best throughout my education, but I never struggled with a life threatening medical condition. So, it’s important for me to say that I could never stop looking up to Stephen Hawking’s life and achievements in respect and amazement.

Rest In Power, Stephen Hawking.

Written by Aya Mahmoud