Arabic Calligraphy and Street Art: el Seed Delivers Messages of Hope to the World

eL Seed started to write and read Arabic when he was 18 years old, today his art has been shown around the world; from the galleries and institution in Paris and New York to the Favelas of Rio De Janeiro. His contemporary approach aims to bring people, culture and future generations together through Arabic calligraphy where poetry gives a message of hope and peace. The French-Tunisian artist is inspired by the boldness of graffiti and through his art he reflects about the reality of mankind and the world we live in today.

eL Seed proved that street art and luxury fashion can walk a parallel path, when he collaborated with luxury fashion brand Louis Vuitton, where he created a calligraphy for the monogram scarf, as part of the Foulards d’Artiste project. According to his website, Condé Nast Traveler recognized him as one of the years ‘visionaries’ for advocating peaceful expression and social progress.

One of eL Seed’s most famous artworks includes a 57-meter high-minaret of the Jara Mosque in his hometown Gabès, Tunesia. He was inspired by verse (49:13) from the Qur’an. The minaret is a monument for the city and reunites the community. Dropping a career in business, he tries to be an ambassador of his culture through his artwork, and hopes to break the stereotypes through the beauty of Arabic script. He wrote on his site: “This project is not about decorating a mosque, it is about making art a visible actor in the process of cultural and political change.” 

A couple of months ago,  el Seed worked on a project named ‘Perception’ where he questions the level of judgment and misconception society can have. This masterpiece is located in the community of Zareeb, a neighborhood Manshiyat Nasr in Cairo. On his website he mentions that this place is still perceived as dirty, marginalized and segregated. With his team and the help of the local community, he created an anamorphic piece that covers almost 50 buildings. Through this project eL Seed aims to bring light on the community.

Written by Safae Toti

Safae Toti

Just a simple individual who often finds herself looking up to style incons including the Olsen twins and Victoria Beckham, and likes to spend her nose in magazines and recreating looks. Inspired by her Moroccan roots and likes to dress for herself rather than others – secretly creating fashion sketches in her mind.