American Communities Come Together in The Biggest Muslim Ban Protest

Almost ten months after the first introduction of the controversial travel ban that filled airports with a fluid of protesters, the White House is implementing a new and more targeted version of their travel ban policy. On October 18th, the latest iteration of Trump’s Muslim Ban goes into effect. Although this measure is the third attempt by the Trump’s administration to strengthen the U.S. border, Muslim Grassroots Movement MPower Change will not be fooled: “The immoral, unconstitutional, and bigoted intent behind the ban remains.” In coincidence, MPower Change and several other organizations mobilized people to the biggest Muslim Ban protest so far organized!

#NoMuslimBanEver campaign

A few weeks shy of the October 10th hearing, where the Supreme Court was expected to hear oral arguments on the executive order that bans six Muslim-majority countries, the Trump administration announced its third iteration of the ban. Considering this development, the Supreme Court removed oral arguments from its calendar. It is the latest attempt by President Donald Trump to fulfill his campaign promise of restricting foreign nationals to hurt the country. Hence, the administration of the president is prioritizing the exclusion of anyone who doesn’t fit their narrow definition of “being American”, implementing other policies such as the DACA repeal.

MPower Change and many other minority-focused activism organizations will not remain silent and created the #NoMuslimBanEver campaign, a grassroots awareness and mobilization effort during the preceding weeks leading the iteration of a full-effect Muslim Ban. Three new nations were added to the list of countries facing restrictions, namely Chad, North Korea and Venezuela while Sudan was removed from the list. “The fact that non-Muslim majority countries were added to the ban does not negate its inherent anti-Muslim intent”, the #NoMuslimBanEver campaign states.

With the campaign, American communities joined and raised awareness, both in the critical weeks before the ban begins and in the months ahead through events, forums, dialogues, action and attendance of the national mobilization on October 18th in Washington, DC.

A Rally Across The White House

Regardless of what happened in the courtroom (i.e. two federal judges ruled against the new Muslim Ban), MPower Change encouraged communities to join the #NoMuslimBanEver campaign by attending the national mobilization on October 18th in Washington, D.C., seeking to set the terms of the debate and make it clear that communities across the U.S. and the world stand against the Muslim Ban. “Trump’s Muslim Ban is an inhumane, unconstitutional atrocity, in the same vein as the Chinese Exclusion Act, Japanese-American incarceration during World War II, and the NSEERS Muslim registry after 9/1”.

The ban makes part of Trump’s White nationalist agenda which affirms white supremacy. The rally across the White House wants to end policies that treat minority communities as suspect and create safe spaces for people under threat.  “If they win this one, they’ll know that they can go harder after more refugees, more communities of color, more Native communities, and more immigrants.” When the ban is in effect, it clears the way for new exclusionary policies that discriminate based on faith, immigration status and national origin. “We need to ensure that people across the U.S. and the world can see that thousands of us are standing in solidarity, declaring No. Muslim. Ban. Ever.!”

Written by Mvslim

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