This amazing organization provides a playground for Palestinian children

Palestine has been through a lot. From the ruins in Gaza to the violence in the West bank. Yet somehow the Palestinians always come up with new ways to be hopeful and to make a positive impact on the lives of the youth and everyone else.

The Welfare Association for Youth, a branch of the non-profit organization Welfare Association, hopes to raise awareness of the suffering of Palestinians with such initiatives.


Youth development projects

Welfare Association for Youth has had many successful projects in the past. From “Madeline’s boat”: WAY supported Madeline by providing her with a proper fishing boat, making her the first young fisher woman in Gaza, to the kidney dialysis machines that were donated to a hospital in Ramallah.mustaqbali
WAY also started the “Mustaqbali” program for
the children who had been orphaned by the 2008-2009 war on Gaza to give them an opportunity to try and live a “normal life” by covering their school fees, improving their mental and social conditions, as well as raising their health awareness among their remaining families.


Another successful project was the Cycling4Palestine project, which was inspired by the “Cycling4Gaza” initiative, started by a group of motivated youngsters in the UK in response to the war on Gaza in 2008 that lasted for 22 days.


WAY Jordan started organizing the initiative “Cycling4Palestine” at the Dead Sea in 2010 to later become one of WAY’s annual events supporting a different project every time.

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By working with other youth groups, Cycling for Palestine aims to build a wider network of engaged young people and raise awareness about the situation in Palestine.

A few months ago during the summer, they held a photography competition called ‘Jerusalem in your eyes’. They recently published the winners and their winning photos.

This is truly an amazing organization that tries to improve the development of the youth step by step. Make sure to like their Facebook page here so you can stay up to date.

Written by Mansour Jamal Ibrahim

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Mansour Jamal Ibrahim is a 22 years old and studies to become a business engineer. His main interests are history, languages, economics and modern technologies.