Amaiya Zafar: A Fighter In And Outside The Boxing Ring

Amaiya Zafar is a 16-year-old boxer who not only fights her opponents, but also the ‘’old school rules‘’ of USA Boxing.

Amaiya’s passion for boxing grew when she and her father were watching a fencing match. When her father made an offhand comment about how she should give that sport a try. Amaiya replied that she’d rather get punched in the face than get stabbed with a piece of metal.  

With that said, her father became her first trainer. He took her to the gym and like this, Amaiya made her way to the boxing ring.

Amaiya Zafar


But even though Amailya’s passion for boxing is big, she doesn’t only face challenges in the ring. Because as a Muslim girl, she shooses to wear the headscarf, a sleeved shirt, and a pair of leggings underneath her boxing attire. However, the international rules that govern the sports do not allow her to wear her hijab during competitions. But Amailya is not the kind to give up that easily, instead of stepping out of the game, she chooses to fight these old rules.

Her family and CAIR (the Council on American-Islamic Relations) pushed USA Boxing to request a provisional ruling from the International Boxing Association to let her box in modest clothing. By the time, Zafar continues to train young ones at a local gym while she waits for the moment she can catch up on her own boxing again.

Her reaction to all of this?

’I will definitely be training my hardest untill I get my time to shine…’’


This article is written by Nur Demir

Written by Mvslim

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