‘AlRawabi School for Girls’: Netflix Announces Second Original Arabic-Language Drama Series

Netflix’s newest project is “AlRawabi School for Girls”. Last summer, Netflix announced the production of Jinn, the first original Middle Eastern series. A year later, they announced their second Arabic show, AlRawabi School for Girls. It’s been written and directed by Jordanian director, actress and writer Tima Shomali.

Netflix’s director of international originals, Simran Sethi,said: “We are extremely proud to partner with Tima again to produce what is essentially the first Middle Eastern young adult series that celebrates the role of women, not only on screen, but behind the scenes as well. The story brings a fresh perspective to Middle Eastern content, and we are absolutely excited to share AlRawabi School for Girls with our global audiences in over 190 countries.”

A story made by women, for women

The series was created by Tina Shomali and Shirin Kamal. The show is led by an all female cast and crew. “AlRawabi School for Girls” is the story of a bullied teenage girl who decides to take revenge on her bullies, “only to find out that no one is all bad, and no one is all good, including herself.” Tina Shomali directed the series and wrote it with Shirin Kamal. The cast for the show and the release date have not been announced yet.



This second Arabic original is considered a pledge to invest in the Middle East and explore more great stories and talent. Netflix seems to want to offer Middle Eastern filmmakers and audiences a global platform to share their stories.

Tima Shomali commented on the production of the series, “Al Rawabi School for Girls is a very dear project to my heart. It depicts the stories and struggles of young Arab women in a light that we hadn’t yet seen before in the region, particularly with this age group. It’s a show that stems from the eyes of women about women and I am really pleased to collaborate with Netflix and have the opportunity to tell the stories of young women in our region on such a global platform.”

Her colleague, Shirin Kamal, stated, “The Middle East has a multitude of stories and layers that other parts of the world may have not encountered, and I hope that Al Rawabi School for Girls not only resonates with women in the Middle East, but women from all over the world.”

Shomali also created “FemaleShow,” and Kamal wrote for it. It is a comedy about a young Jordanian couple navigating marriage and parenthood. The show has released three seasons so far. She also participated in the “She Rules” campaign of Netflix, which followed 30 women creators and social media influencers calling for women’s voices on both sides of the camera.