Alaa Murabit Just Became a Member of the Innovating MIT Media Community

In 2013, MIT Media Lab launched its Director’s Fellows initiative. According to its website, the Director’s Fellows program is a growing global network that connects the innovation and creativity of the MIT Media Lab with a broad array of leaders to catalyze thought, partnership and concrete collaborations. Its goal is to expand the diversity, reach, and impact of the Media Lab and the Director’s Fellows themselves in deploying cutting edge technology, ideas, and innovation to tackle key global challenges.

One of this year’s members is Alaa Murabit. Murabit, a Canadian women’s rights activist from Libyan descent recently announced her induction as an MIT Media Director’s Fellow. Alaa Murabit is a strong, intelligent woman and a role model for many Muslim women and women in general. MIT is an important institute, where she rightfully got her position.


Murabit is excited to be a part of the MIT community, as she says on Facebook:

“The MIT Media Lab is built from the fibers of innovation and technology, showing the world what happens when compassion and creativity meet, and I am looking forward to exploring how academia, free-thinking, science, and cultural diversity lead to meaningful creation.”

We are very excited for her, congratulations Alaa Murabit!

Written by Imane Boujdaini

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Imane Boujdaini is a 20 year old student of Finances and Assurances who has a strong interest in the Middle Eastern and North African culture. She is always down for a good laugh (and a cup of tea).