Meet The Amazing Artist Who Makes Beautiful Works of Bombs and Bullets

Art, culture and architecture are the important signs of any nation, whether it be a dead nation or an alive nation. Any nation can be easily identified by its culture and the art they show to the world.

Akram Abou Al-Fouz is a Syrian artist who used to paint on glasses, but now is forced to paint on weapons, rockets and artillery that fall upon him from the sky. His family, like many other families, has been displaced from their original city and is now forced to live in a city which is sealed by the Syrian regime forces. The lives of syrian citizen who side with the rebels are full of misery and depleted from the necessities for a standard living. In these difficult times Abou Al-Fouz is trying to make life easy for his children by painting in traditional Syrian arabic style, and giving them some hope.
He creates masterpieces by painting useless in-explosive artillery, he does this to express his feelings about peace and harmony. These beautiful paintings are symbol of representation of the people of Syria and their hardships and struggle to freedom, as well as their peaceful way of livings. Paintings for some is medium of expression, and this is exactly what Al-Fouz is using it for. The horror and the struggle for freedom are represented in the beautiful yet complicate designs created in an Arabic style. Using this specific style has symbolism for representing his people and freedom movement.


In the past there have been many revolutionary artists who have used their art to express freedom, maybe even from their state and countries, and have been quite successful. Such examples include Leonardo Da Vinci’s art and the architecture which was used as the representation of Science against the very strict orders from the catholic state who considered science as an anti-knowledge and against religion. Similarly other art forms are used to express the oppressions of the state such as playwrights, music, folklores, folk songs. We have seen that these art forms have descended the limits of time and generation and are considered the desired form of expression in times of peace and revolution.

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