A spiritual challenge: serenity

Each and every one of us is on his mission on this earth. In this turmoil we call life, we’re all figuring it out in our own way, by our own means. Our mission, our dreams, ambitions, careers, friends, life-partners. But. Where’s God in all that? Where is God in all of our plans? Where is God in all our dreams? We get so caught up in this Dunya, that sometimes we don’t even realize it. Until it’s too late.

As Muslims it’s our responsibility to be able to let this inner-reflection grow within ourselves and to teach ourselves to become more aware of our environment and our position in it. Teach ourselves, yes exactly. It is our responsibility, and solely ours as Muslim to care for ourselves, for our souls. Not the others’, but ours.

This all led me thinking: how can we take this responsibility to cleanse ourselves along and empower the traditional methods?

Then one day I came across a Hindu concept, which captivated me ever since . It’s named the 18 virtues, from Sri Swami Sivananda. It consists of 18 -ities that each person must try to reflect and imply in their daily life in order to create order and awareness of our lives. Reading the theory behind this concept, it captivated me more. I saw that Islam already provides all of these virtues, but we only need to take the dust off in order to see the real beauty of them.

How will it work: the challenge

Each week I shall give one virtue that will help us lead and improve our relationship with God in sha Allah. These virtues have to be followed chronologically. I challenge you all to take this journey with me, and imply one virtue to your daily life each week. See these virtues as little flags on your path showing you the way and helping you to find the balance on that road. Along this trip, I advise you to take a notebook and write down everything that the virtue of the week means to you and how you will imply it in your week in all aspects. Focus especially on that virtue in all that you do, and remember it is all about being honest with yourself.

I assure you it really works! The question only remains are you ready for the trip?

The start: serenity

The journey will begin with the virtue: serenity.

One word, so many meanings. In Islam serenity is the base and the foundation of all. As Allah subhanna ou tallaa mentions in the Quran:

“It is He who sent down tranquility into the hearts of the believers that they would increase in faith along with their [present] faith” (Surat al Fath (48:4))

Tranquility of the hearts can only be achieved if we accept what Allah Subhanna ou t3ala has decreed for us. It can only be accepted if we find ourselves in such a state that we see reality for what it really is and end up saying: Al hamdulilah for all that we have.

To achieve this we must look at our acts of worship, praying, reading Quran, dihkr.

When was the last time that you found yourself in such an immense moment of calmness, tranquility and serenity? That you found yourself so deep in salaah, that you recited the Quran holding in every single letter that you pronounced the deepness of your soul, the last time you saw the sun rise during those magical early hours after Fajr?

Crave for these moments, these moments are the moments that will give you serenity. It is by these moments that the veil of all that is keeping us busy, all that is making us angry, all that is intoxicating us all of the sudden vanish. Subhann’Allah, all that matters in that moment is your direct connection to God. The Essential. Your soul deserves this peace, it’s its fuel. It is your mirror that will guide you in your life, in your journey.

Crave for those moments, run for those feelings, strive to have that in each and every single salaah you make.

The world is moving with or without you. Stop. Lift the veil, remove the poison and restart in serenity.

Written by Nora Belhadi

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Nora Belhadi is a 22 years old and studies Political Sciences. Spirituality and everything that comes with it, is her main field of interest.