A spiritual challenge: regularity

Last week we started the challenge with serenity. I hope each and every one of you has been able to apply this virtue in their life and benefit from it. This week we will continue our journey with a new virtue: regularity.

It is logical that this virtue follows our last one, because it is through regularity that we find serenity. It is through being regular in all of what we do that we become serene. Be regular and consistent in your religious practices, people, emotions, experiences and you will taste tranquility bit by bit.

One thing that will lead to this path is regularity in Salaat.

It is the perfect starting point to balance your day and to find the tranquility and peace in your fully scheduled life. Just do the test, try to pray your Salaat every day at the time that it is prescribed. You will truly feel amazing afterwards. Why? First and foremost it is not really an option and we have to pray our Salaat on time, but let’s face it: it is easier said than done. Which should not be an excuse. Excuses will not give you peace and tranquility, your communication with your Lord will.

But besides that, it will give you regularity in your days and help you schedule your days. Subhann’Allah just think about it. Waking up on time for Fajr will give you the time to benefit from your whole day and will give you time to feel fresh and motivated for a whole new day ahead. Dohr will give you the impulse to get up from your work of the morning and take a break. Asr will give you that extra last push for that day. By the time of Maghreb you will be exhausted but grateful enough for the wonderful day you were granted. Winding out with the Isha wish will lead you to re-think your day and give you the peace you need to rest.

Think about it, it is really genius how Allah has given us these five daily prayers. Use them in your benefits and do not see them as a burden. Off course we are all busy and leading different lives. We are not always able to find a place to pray, and much more. But honestly if your intention is really set out that day to pray your prayers on time I can assure you by personal experience that you will find a way.

Let’s stop the excuses this week and keep on to the right track. We are all capable of doing it so why would we not do it now? Being busy the whole time will only give you lack of organisation and motivation. You will be able to keep up for a while, but after a while this will consume your inner self. Leading a busy and chaotic life is often seen as the norm in Western society but it is not the way to lead a fulfilling life.
This is a reminder to me first and foremost, the struggle is real my dear friends. While typing this I realise indeed the benefit of it all. I feel a sense of relief because all we need to be happy is already in our hands. Hamdoulilah, He is Rahmaan ar-Raheem and it it is never too late while you are still breathing. His endless flow of mercy and Love is always behind the door but you should open the door sincerely.

Off course, having a well scheduled day or life will not lead you solely to tranquility there are much more other obstacles that much be taken into account. One thing we often forget is that also in our social environment and emotions we have to be regular. If we focus only on the people, the rush, the emotions people give you, the circle is vicious and you end up consuming your life bit by bit without even knowing. Be regular in giving attention, don’t let people consume you. Set boundaries and dare to be regular in your distance with your environment.
But most importantly be regular in your Love for the Divine. Each and every step you take can be a form a ibadah. Let’s be regular in our remembrance and renewal for Love. All together insh’Allah.

Written by Nora Belhadi

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Nora Belhadi is a 22 years old and studies Political Sciences. Spirituality and everything that comes with it, is her main field of interest.